Walking & Hiking

Walking and Hiking around Les Gets and the Portes du Soleil in the French Alps

Les Gets in the French Alps is a wonderful place to walk for all levels, families looking for a picnic spot and the more adventurous all day hikers. The Mountains through the summer offer an ever-changing landscape of fauna and flora just waiting to be discovered. A paradise for nature lovers, photographers and peace seekers. There are marked trails winding through the valleys taking you to some of the most peaceful and tranquil locations. We can help you select our favourite routes, so if you'd like to stop by the lake for a picnic, climb a peak, or like your walk to end up at a gourmet Mountain Restaurant, please let us know and we'd be happy to help you select the perfect route. Walkers can use the chair lifts and tele - cabines to enable access to the higher areas of the mountain without the hard work!

For those looking for more of a challenge you can then climb up above to one of the many peaks above. The higher paths offer wonderful panoramic views and from many vantage points you can see Mont Blanc on one side and Lac Leman on the other. There are plenty of more challenging day hikes for the more experienced hiker, and we can provide guides too.

Here are our Top Five doorstep walks

  • The tour of Mont Chery
  • The Tour de Ranfolly/Chapelle de Jacquicort
  • The Ressachaux
  • Col de Cou
  • The Nantau which you can see from the windows of Chalet Bluebell